Cheryl Lyone

Cheryl Lyone – Actress | Producer

Cheryl Lyone

From a very young age Cheryl Lyone demonstrated strong artistic abilities. Her vivid imagination was her escape from the extreme alienation she felt growing up.

Cheryl Lyone was born in the Texas town of Channelview. Cheryl Lyone began her career in late 2006 in Los Angeles. Jennifer Connelly, Naomi Watts, and Maggie Gyllenhaal have all influenced Cheryl Lyone. She is a Tae Kwon Do red belt.

She was cast as a cheeky casting assistant in the feature picture Grindin? a few months later. Cheryl Lyone films have risen to the top of the box office and acquired a large audience.

Cheryl Lyone can work nicely with a wide range of people. Cheryl Lyone is skilled at speaking successfully with a wide range of people. She is well-organized in all parts of her work, and she can be flexible and adaptable in a variety of scenarios. Cheryl Lyone also works as an actress and facilitator in various programs and roles.


Cheryl Lyone would like to provide consultation in the following areas:

  • Acting
  • Speaking
  • Career Building
  • Filming


Cheryl Lyone would like to speak at your upcoming conferences on the subjects of acting and career-building as a movie star.